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Business Internet Marketing

We live in an amazing era and technology seems to only keep making it better. From having nearly all the world’s information as close as a Google search to owning a handheld Smartphone telling you how many steps to the nearest coffee shop while listing their specials and reviews, technology is influencing the way we live more than ever before.

The Internet is such a strong place for your business to be established, it can often replace your brick and mortar location. While you may be an expert at what you do, chances are you’ve only ever scratched the surface of business internet marketing. Of course it begins with a high quality web design, but what do you do from there? Unless you’re a search engine optimization expert and know how to get your site on the first page of Google, “putting up a website” is like throwing a party, not sending invitations and expecting people to come. Then there’s the family of services under the search engine marketing umbrella; from pay-per-click campaigns to email marketing and social media, these services round out your online presence.

Web Design

web design ft. lauderdaleThe preferred “look” of a modern website is continually changing. The code being used is always evolving, producing cleaner and faster websites. The web design you choose says a lot about your Internet savvy. It also can mean your success or failure as a company. VYPR Studios has a great lineup of development services, samples and packaging; all designed to push the success of your business. Internet marketing remains at our core and when it comes to your web design strategy, Alec Baldwin said it best in Glengarry, Glen Ross – “Always be closing.” Click “web design” above to see our work.


Search Engine Marketing

search engine marketing ft. lauderdaleIt’s not enough these days to simply have a website and hope the masses will flock to it. If you’re thinking “I only need an online brochure,” you’re kidding yourself and missing a huge opportunity to gain new leads and sales. Search engine marketing is a newer category of programs, services and actions specifically designed to “fish where the fish are.” Social media marketing, email marketing, pay-per-click campaigns, they all play a part in bringing traffic to your site from other sources than the search engines and word-of-mouth. By being involved in these activities, you greatly increase your chances of earning high quality traffic and can often double your bottom line. To see what we’ve come with, click on “search engine marketing” above.

Search Engine Optimization

search engine optimization ft. lauderdaleUnquestionably the most important part of business internet marketing, SEO is as much a science as it is an art. The days of your website just looking good to your target market have passed; it now has to look great in the eyes of the search engines. From specialized coding to on-site adjustments and winning content, your SEO strategy needs to be planned and executed with extreme cunning. At VYPR Studios, we perform a thorough analysis of your site, your competitors’ sites and the search metrics of your industry. Our SEO team determines the best plan of attack to push you to that coveted page 1 ranking. To learn a little more about how we do it, click on “search engine optimization” above.