Web Design

If your website isn't generating new leads every day . . .
. . . then it's time for a new website.

Web Design Ft. Lauderdale

Web design has come a long way since the 90’s. Basic coding has been replaced by robust languages and features. The screech of the dial-up modem has been replaced by wireless connections and powerful bandwidth. Today’s websites offer more than ever before and while there is no “standard” for design, the best looking sites can often be the best performers.

Ft. Lauderdale Web Design

A beautiful, professional website is only the beginning to establishing your company’s online presence. You need a website that works. When you go live, your site will be indexed by the major search engines. What will your site “say” to Google and bing?

Unless it’s built properly from the beginning, you could unknowingly do irreparable damage to your business. During the 2009 SMX Conference, Jill Whalen said “Developers keep SEOs in business.” When choosing your web designer, start off on the right foot with a team that knows websites, and SEO. Click “Ft. Lauderdale Web Design” above to see our work and learn how VYPR Studios starts with search in mind.

Smartphone Websites

In a late 2010 report, Morgan Stanley reviewed the state of the mobile web and predicted usage surpassing PC/laptop based access by 2015. The Internet is becoming more a part of our daily lives and constant, instant access is almost a necessity instead of a nicety. Websites need to change to accommodate this growing demand. Most sites out there need to be “pinched and dragged” on a Smartphone to be legible on the smaller screen. Just think, all that work on a killer marketing message and design is lost because the mobile web was forgotten. Tsk-tsk developers.

VYPR Studios focuses on bridging the gap between home/office access and mobile access. Our Smartphone websites are designed for the countless platforms on the market, with a heavy focus on the iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc.) and the Android OS. Our mobile sites look great on these devices and can often boast neat features like touch to talk, GPS location assistance and on-demand video. Click “Smartphone Website” above to see a few of our designs.